Wollongong Climate Action Network

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Ms BIRD (Cunningham) (13:57):  Yesterday was a beautiful day in Wollongong, in what would have to be one of the most beautiful places in the nation. I do that with no bias whatsoever.

Honourable members interjecting

Ms BIRD: I hear a few 'hear, hears' from all corners! The beautiful city of Wollongong yesterday saw hundreds of people out at Flagstaff Hill, below the old lighthouse, having picnics, sitting with their families and listening to music. They were there enjoying one of those fantastic Wollongong days. But they were also there with a purpose. We were gathered together by the Wollongong Climate Action Network and their leader Tom Hunt to participate in an international series of forums, getting local communities together to express their deep concern and desire to see serious action taken on climate change.

I am sure many colleagues in this place today will have seen the amazing photos coming out of New York today with their climate rally as well. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered, as thousands and thousands of Australians did yesterday, to say that government walking away from serious action on climate change is a failure for the next generation and a failure for our common future.